How to prepare for 10th Board Exams? – Board Exam Tips

7 steps to rock your board examinations

“Why should I do well in my Board Examination?” This is the question asked by students to experts and seniors. It is indeed an important question because students get a better angle to their future and understand the significance of Boards. Well, to begin with, a student needs to get better marks in Board Exams because it is the stepping stone to paving the path to success. It is after the board results that students decide which subject they excel at and what should be their next course of action? It is no Rocket Science but simple steps followed religiously to excel in the examination.

It is seen that most of the students stress out during their boards and as soon as they get promoted to class 10th or 12th. Take it easy! That’s the mantra but that will work only when the preparation is done from day 1. Here are the tips that a board examinee should master in order to get the best output. Remember that it is the board result that can be the best motivation to do something better in future. You can’t miss that opportunity.

Steps to follow for Board Examinations

School should be taken seriously: Most of the students make the mistake of bunking schools and going out to have fun with friends as soon as they get promoted to class 12th. That’s a sign that you can get swayed easily. Board examinations can’t be taken so lightly. You have to be regular to school and earn every bit of knowledge that is imparted in the class. You can do this after your board is over. Time is Money which means it is precious. You get the basic education from school. That should be the motto.

Ask Questions: Kill your hesitation and ask your doubts confidently. Keeping yourself back from asking questions to the teachers will be the greatest setback to success. It is your right to know the concept. Raise your hand and ask even the silliest of the questions. You need to learn and with that in mind, you should never shy away from clearing your doubts.

Study the Same Topics at Home: Whatever is being taught in the class every day, study the same topic at home. This way, you will be able to grasp the knowledge faster and retain for a longer duration. Maintain a notebook to scribble whatever you have understood about a topic. Experts say that five times reading is equivalent to one time writing. Try it to believe it be an ardent follower of this trick.

Calculate the number of Chapters: This might sound different but very effective. In your Boards, you usually have five subjects. If we take 20 chapters on an average for each Subject, the total is 100. You have 365 days in a year. Try to do one chapter a day. If that remains the flow, you will be able to accomplish 100 chapters in 100 days. The remaining days can be utilized for revision and solving test papers. This is called smart ways of learning that give the result to your hard work.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers: When you get an idea of the trend through the previous years’ question papers, the moment of truth is an expected one. You will be more confident and sure about how to go about the examination. You will have a fair idea about what is more important. This is only for better preparation. It doesn’t mean you won’t pay attention to the rest. Every topic is important and should be treated equally unless you are weak in a particular subject.

Pay Special Attention to the Weak Point: When you know you are weak in a particular subject or topic, you need to spare extra time for practicing and learning that topic. You will see that gradually you have become better and need not further stretch your study hours.

Join Coaching (Optional): Coaching from a reputed institute that has an experienced team of faculty and immense exposure to the students can be a good option. It is, however, true for the students preparing for boards clearing the examination in flying colors without any coaching or private tuitions. You can be one of them. If you have the urge to prepare for an entrance that is just after the boards and it covers the syllabus of your 11th and 12th, this idea can be worthwhile.

Two-Two-Four Trick: This is a trick that works in your favor for sure provided you follow all other tips mentioned above. Two-Two-Four means Two Hours, Two Hours and Four Hours per day contributed each day of each quarter. So, the first quarter, you do a regular study of two hours per day, the second quarter also you continue with the same and the last quarter should be not less than four hours. Regular study of shorter duration is better than studying days and nights one month before the examination.

That was that about the pattern of study, but your health, head and happiness can’t be compromised with. The three H will be the factors that will go along simultaneously with your daily routine. Eat well for your health, sleep well to let your head rejuvenate for the next day and follow a passion or hobby to keep you happy. Being tunnel vision and not following your hobby to make you feel fresh can bring a monotony which can be dangerous to break the flow of your preparation.

Follow a hobby and try to immerse in it while you are taking a break from study or during holidays. This will be the energy booster you need.

Good luck and do well in your upcoming Board Examinations 2018!

Author Bio:-  Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of, an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical and School Entrance exams. It is his passion and vision to help the engineering and medical aspirants that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy.