How to prepare for IIT JEE 2021 – Tips to crack IIT JEE

IIT-JEE Exams are tough and need meticulous planning. Our experts have therefore come up with five smart tips to motivate bright students to crack IIT JEE 2021.

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  1. Focus on the Goal

For students who have chosen this path, it is important that they set a goal for themselves! Before they even start the preparation, they must know if engineering is what they want to pursue. IIT-JEE exams require an aspiration along with having to deal with extreme pressures of the competitive atmosphere. If you believe you’re ready for it, then it is time to set a goal to prepare for the Joint Entrance Examination.

  1. Right Mentorship

The most important thing while preparing for JEE is good mentorship. While there are numerous coaching institutes available, Edventure not only provides JEE Classes in Mumbai but also gives you the option of taking IIT JEE Home Tuitions in Mumbai. Our adaptive teaching methods help IIT aspirants to learn the concepts and retain the memory for a longer time. The advantage of taking our JEE Mains Classes in Mumbai is-

  • Our counselors are available 24/7 to help you clear your doubts
  • Apart from the study materials, we also conduct regular mock tests to provide insight into your preparation
  • We assist you with shortcut techniques to crack IIT JEE as well
  1. Study Schedule

Other than our classes, we also suggest that it is crucial to have a study plan which will help you to organize your day accordingly. Make a study plan for each day of the week and reserve Sundays and holidays for topics that are tough or that needs more practice. Always study when your energy is at its peak. We suggest you challenge yourself constantly through the entire schedule to maintain constant growth.

  1. Consistency

While being consistent is vital, you must know that while following a certain schedule it is possible to get bored or start procrastinating. JEE Preparation involves dedication, and one must concentrate and stick to the study schedule. You can improve your preparation only by pushing the boundaries. Working smart towards the preparation and remaining consistent with your training is the code to crack the JEE exam.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Last but not the least; you need to develop a healthy lifestyle during this phase. At Edventure, we suggest that you engage in an outdoor sport or do yoga to keep your mind clear. Eat well and avoid junk food as it has the ability to spoil your digestive system and any sort of sickness will only cause a slowdown in your preparation.

Follow the above mentioned 5 smart tricks and you are sure to ace and crack IIT JEE 2021! Admissions open for IIT JEE 2021 will be starting from Jan 2019

How to prepare for JEE Main 2018 | Tips to Crack JEE Main | Tips for the exam day

Last minutes tips for JEE Mains:

Dear JEE Aspirants,
Finally, the time has arrived, when your mettle will be put to test in the nation’s biggest engineering examination. This demands you to keep calm without getting panicky and strategize your steps for the exam day. At this juncture you should ensure the following:

Solve Previous Year Problems: Solving previous year problems of IIT JEE and AIEEE is very crucial  It will help you to keep your preparation in line with the actual exam and provide a quick revision of important concepts.

Don’t Start Any New Topic Now: This is the time to strengthen what you already know. Devoting time to topics that you haven’t studied even once is a total waste of time at this point. By reviewing familiar topics your self-confidence will get a boost and help you perform better.  So get onto revising already covered concepts during these last days for JEE Main Preparation.

Short Notes and Important Formulas: For the final hours, refer to  key points of every topic that you would have made while your preparations. If not, there’s not need to worry, you could just go through your class notes once and note the key formulas. Losing out a question just because you were not able to recall the formula would affect your score immensely.

Study Schedule and Strategy: As we are approaching towards the examination day, you need to emphasize on solving as many problems as you can.  Study from 9:00am to 12noon without break before the examination. As I mentioned above devote more time on problem solving rather than theory. Solve about 300 objective problems daily before the examination.

Time Management: Performing well in the entrance exam depends largely on strategizing the flow and proper time management. You should decide well in advance how much time you are going to give on each subject, based on your strong and weak points. With proper time management, you will surely save yourself from the panic during the actual exam.

Keep Calm and Stay Fit: Keeping your mind at peace and body fit is essential for an efficient brain. Toppers suggest that going for a small walk or doing a little exercise will keep your body fit. Your eating habits are also of great prominence. Take more of fruits and juices; this will keep you fresh and energetic.

A day Before JEE Mains: It would be suggested not to strain yourself by studying a lot on the day before the examination. At the max you could touch up on your formulas, while keeping your brain in relaxing mode. Try to avoid thinking about the examination. Have a light dinner and go for a small walk. Get ample sleep to energize yourself for next day’s marathon!!

And finally; JEE Mains day:
Ensure that you wake-up well on time. Have proper breakfast (light) and take some juices. Reach the examination centre well before the actual exam time. Before the examinations starts, don’t over think. Maintain your clam and try to relax.

Keep extra pen and pencils along with you. You should take a water bottle or some juices with you in the examination hall. Chewing gums or toffees can also be taken, as for some students they help in focusing better while writing the test.

As soon as you get the paper, don’t rush with solving the questions. Take a quick glance of the paper first and decide which sections are easiest and toughest for you. You should attempt problems in the order of their difficulty. Start with easy questions first, as it will help you warming up. But most importantly, follow the paper solving strategy which you have been accustomed to, during your practice sessions.

Don’t get stuck on a particular problem or make random guesses. It’s perfectly fine, if you are not being able to solve some questions. Under the time constraint, no one scores 360/360.  So, you should move ahead and attempt further questions. And also, don’t feel tempted to retort to random guessing at any point during your exam.

I strongly hope these tips will benefit you and help you score better. It’s all about practicing more, while keeping your motivation levels high. These 3 hours of examination are going to decide your future, so you must maintain your calm and deliver your best.

Good Luck  for your JEE Mains 2018!!

Apurva Ved (B. Tech, IIT Bombay)
Director – Edventure