KVPY Exam Preparation – Best KVPY Coaching Classes in Mumbai

KVPY (Kishore VaigyanikProtsahanYojna) is one of the competitive examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and AIPMT.The badge of being a KVPY Scholar is a prestigious one as it gives students the direct admission to top institutes like IISc and the various IISERs. KVPY exams as we all know are considered to be at par with the IIT Entrance exams when you compare the difficulty level. At Edventure, we do not believe in letting our students press the panic button as we have full faith that each of our students can clear the KVPY exam successfully if they prepare smartly.

KVPY 2019 Preparation Tips 

Let’s look at some of our top preparation tips to prepare for KVPY 2019

Follow the Syllabus

  • The first step towards preparation for any competitive exam begins with referring to the correct and official syllabus.
  • The syllabus of KVPY is almost the same as JEE Main or AIPMT (now known as NEET).
  • The aptitude test of KVPY has questions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics subjects.
  • We suggest our candidates to refer to the NCERT study material as it is helpful in cracking the aptitude test.

Study Plan

“Time Management is key to cracking any competitive examination” 

  • We help our students manage their time in a way that every subject gets equal attention. Edevnture believes in helping its students figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Our ideal study plan ensures that our students spend extra time on their weak subjects.
  • We teach our students how the rule of time management is applicable at the time of examination. Every student must solvethat portion of the question paper they know first and then look into the rest of the questions.

Mock Test

We put ample focus on mock tests as it helps our students identify their weak points and strong points. Through the mock tests they also get to check their performance in reference to the time that they are taking to complete it. Every student must test their speed and knowledge while solving the mock papers.

Previous Years Question Paper

One of the most obvious tips that we have for the candidates is to solve previous years question paper of KVPY. It not only gives them the idea about the examination pattern but also the type of questions that they can expect.

Maintaining your Health

As cliché as this may sound, the truth is that there is nothing more important than your health. A healthy student has higher chances of cracking competitive examinations than others. Take care of your hygiene, eat nutritious food and get proper 7-8 hours of rest each day.


We emphasize on our students completing their studies some days before the examination to be able to get enough revision time. They must keep the last 3-4 days for revision to be able to score good marks.

Edventure is not just one of the best KVPY coaching classes in Mumbai, but is also one that you can rely on. Our tips are not meant for the candidates who are looking for a shortcut. We believe in choosing the smart path in helping our students score good marks in the examination. KVPY 2019 examinations will be help on the 1st week of November 2019. And like every year, it will be conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore which also offers fellowship/scholarship to the eligible candidates.  We wish each student appearing for KVPY2019 the very best and also hope to be the guide for every student that needs us. Good Luck!

How to Crack JEE Mains and Advanced?

JEE is one of the popular entrance examinations conducted in India for the aspirants seeking admissions in top engineering colleges across the country. But before starting to prepare for the entrance exam you should be aware of all the changes that have been introduced by the authorities. Whether it is related to the availability of form, the pattern of the exam, syllabus or marking scheme, you need to keep yourself updated.

Here are some tips to Crack IIT JEE Main and JEE Advanced?

The aim of entrance exams such as JEE Main and Advanced is to test their aptitude and ability to work on concepts. If you dream of yourself as a future IITian, it is crucial to plan ahead. A high level of commitment and effort needs to be put in by the students, right from the very beginning. Cracking JEE is not as tough as it seems when you have the right resources at hand. Hard work, dedication, and correct guidance are all you need to succeed and ace the exam.

JEE Advanced

Factors to keep in mind while preparing for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced

  • In case you are not sure whether you will be able to cope with the required standards for IIT preparation, go for an evaluation before starting the preparation.
  • The basics are very important. Try to clear the basic concepts of all the subjects. Make your basics strong and studies will become easier and interesting too.
  • Plan a daily timetable which should have an equal distribution of the number of hours for each subject.
  • Don’t mug up the topics. Understand and learn the topic in depth
  • As we know health is wealth stay physically and mentally fit.
  • It is important to revise the syllabus before the exam. Whenever you complete a topic or unit, revise it. But don’t spend too much time on it.
  • Take the necessary breaks. Pressuring oneself during the preparation days is not a very good idea. Do not come under the pressure and whenever you feel burdened, take a break.
  • Have a positive and Optimistic attitude as it can change many things.
  • Try and stick to it even if everything seems unfavorable.
  • Don’t let negative people, comments, things affect you in any way and don’t take any such things “too seriously”.
  • Start making your notes you generally write only after giving a sufficient thought and analysis. Finally, these are your own notes. They help you in your quick revision.

Remove your personal distractions as you study.  You have already jumped into a mad competitive world, now you have to be religiously disciplined. Cracking JEE is not all that difficult. Just be sincere, dedicated and smart. Success will be yours.

Edventure is one of the famous Institute in Mumbai that provides JEE Mains classes in Mumbai and their goal is to provide knowledge and guidance and thereby create an environment that not only guides students to the path of success but also inspires them to recognize and explore their own potential.

Want to crack JEE 2021? Should you opt for coaching classes or private tuitions?

Are you one of those students who is looking to crack JEE 2021 Well, good for you!

JEE is one of the most popular competitive entrance exams in India.

Not only hard work, but smart work is also important when you prepare for IIT JEE.

You have enough time for preparation of IIT JEE during 2021 but still Confused about whether you should need Coaching classes or Private Tuition for IIT JEE?

First, let’s understand the Basic difference between Coaching Classes and private tuition

coaching classes are always for a mass/batch, where you would have many students. While private tuition is when the number is generally 1:1 or for 2 to 3 students 1 teacher.

IIT/JEE Private classes or coaching Classes

Coaching Classes or Private tuitions, each has its own merits.

1) Benefits of Home tuitions for IIT JEE

The Home tutors for IIT JEE can create a tailor-made lesson plan for your growth. They can gauge your drawbacks and tweak teaching methodologies.

It is this self- paced learning experience where there is no peer pressure or time-sensitive timetable. The students can take their own time to grasp the knowledge Students may require extra support during particular times of the year, especially if they have exams looming.

Private tuition can be on-going or can be focused in short and intense bursts, depending on what suits the student best.  Moreover, the tuitions offer the liberty to opt your own time schedule. The tutors will be available at a time you fix.

2) Benefits of Coaching Classes for IIT JEE

Coaching institutes provide students with good study material in the form of assignments, synopsis, test booklets, mock test papers etc. which a student usually does not get in school or college. All these factors help a student prepare in a better manner for a competitive examination.

For some specific  competitive examinations  like IIT JEE, coaching classes really help students reach their goals by providing smart and correct guidance

Coaching institutes are capable of understanding the requirements clearly without any hassles.

When you join coaching classes like Edventure to crack examination like IIT JEE you are given mock tests on a regular basis, which gives you an idea where you stand and what are your weak areas. In addition, you get your performance feedback from JEE experts helping you to work and improve on those areas

Simple and Effective Tips to Crack JEE 2021

  • Start the Preparation Early
  • Understand the Exam Pattern
  • Manage Time Well
  • Clear the concept
  • Prepare from Good Study Material
  • Attempt Mock Test

Whatever you go for, coaching classes or Private tuition Aspirants who are preparing for Examination like JEE should always try to push their limits.

Still confused about what should you opt to Crack JEE 2021? Tell us more about your requirements so that we help you achieve your goals.

How to prepare for IIT JEE 2021 – Tips to crack IIT JEE

IIT-JEE Exams are tough and need meticulous planning. Our experts have therefore come up with five smart tips to motivate bright students to crack IIT JEE 2021.

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  1. Focus on the Goal

For students who have chosen this path, it is important that they set a goal for themselves! Before they even start the preparation, they must know if engineering is what they want to pursue. IIT-JEE exams require an aspiration along with having to deal with extreme pressures of the competitive atmosphere. If you believe you’re ready for it, then it is time to set a goal to prepare for the Joint Entrance Examination.

  1. Right Mentorship

The most important thing while preparing for JEE is good mentorship. While there are numerous coaching institutes available, Edventure not only provides JEE Classes in Mumbai but also gives you the option of taking IIT JEE Home Tuitions in Mumbai. Our adaptive teaching methods help IIT aspirants to learn the concepts and retain the memory for a longer time. The advantage of taking our JEE Mains Classes in Mumbai is-

  • Our counselors are available 24/7 to help you clear your doubts
  • Apart from the study materials, we also conduct regular mock tests to provide insight into your preparation
  • We assist you with shortcut techniques to crack IIT JEE as well
  1. Study Schedule

Other than our classes, we also suggest that it is crucial to have a study plan which will help you to organize your day accordingly. Make a study plan for each day of the week and reserve Sundays and holidays for topics that are tough or that needs more practice. Always study when your energy is at its peak. We suggest you challenge yourself constantly through the entire schedule to maintain constant growth.

  1. Consistency

While being consistent is vital, you must know that while following a certain schedule it is possible to get bored or start procrastinating. JEE Preparation involves dedication, and one must concentrate and stick to the study schedule. You can improve your preparation only by pushing the boundaries. Working smart towards the preparation and remaining consistent with your training is the code to crack the JEE exam.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Last but not the least; you need to develop a healthy lifestyle during this phase. At Edventure, we suggest that you engage in an outdoor sport or do yoga to keep your mind clear. Eat well and avoid junk food as it has the ability to spoil your digestive system and any sort of sickness will only cause a slowdown in your preparation.

Follow the above mentioned 5 smart tricks and you are sure to ace and crack IIT JEE 2021! Admissions open for IIT JEE 2021 will be starting from Jan 2019

How to prepare for JEE Main 2018 | Tips to Crack JEE Main | Tips for the exam day

Last minutes tips for JEE Mains:

Dear JEE Aspirants,
Finally, the time has arrived, when your mettle will be put to test in the nation’s biggest engineering examination. This demands you to keep calm without getting panicky and strategize your steps for the exam day. At this juncture you should ensure the following:

Solve Previous Year Problems: Solving previous year problems of IIT JEE and AIEEE is very crucial  It will help you to keep your preparation in line with the actual exam and provide a quick revision of important concepts.

Don’t Start Any New Topic Now: This is the time to strengthen what you already know. Devoting time to topics that you haven’t studied even once is a total waste of time at this point. By reviewing familiar topics your self-confidence will get a boost and help you perform better.  So get onto revising already covered concepts during these last days for JEE Main Preparation.

Short Notes and Important Formulas: For the final hours, refer to  key points of every topic that you would have made while your preparations. If not, there’s not need to worry, you could just go through your class notes once and note the key formulas. Losing out a question just because you were not able to recall the formula would affect your score immensely.

Study Schedule and Strategy: As we are approaching towards the examination day, you need to emphasize on solving as many problems as you can.  Study from 9:00am to 12noon without break before the examination. As I mentioned above devote more time on problem solving rather than theory. Solve about 300 objective problems daily before the examination.

Time Management: Performing well in the entrance exam depends largely on strategizing the flow and proper time management. You should decide well in advance how much time you are going to give on each subject, based on your strong and weak points. With proper time management, you will surely save yourself from the panic during the actual exam.

Keep Calm and Stay Fit: Keeping your mind at peace and body fit is essential for an efficient brain. Toppers suggest that going for a small walk or doing a little exercise will keep your body fit. Your eating habits are also of great prominence. Take more of fruits and juices; this will keep you fresh and energetic.

A day Before JEE Mains: It would be suggested not to strain yourself by studying a lot on the day before the examination. At the max you could touch up on your formulas, while keeping your brain in relaxing mode. Try to avoid thinking about the examination. Have a light dinner and go for a small walk. Get ample sleep to energize yourself for next day’s marathon!!

And finally; JEE Mains day:
Ensure that you wake-up well on time. Have proper breakfast (light) and take some juices. Reach the examination centre well before the actual exam time. Before the examinations starts, don’t over think. Maintain your clam and try to relax.

Keep extra pen and pencils along with you. You should take a water bottle or some juices with you in the examination hall. Chewing gums or toffees can also be taken, as for some students they help in focusing better while writing the test.

As soon as you get the paper, don’t rush with solving the questions. Take a quick glance of the paper first and decide which sections are easiest and toughest for you. You should attempt problems in the order of their difficulty. Start with easy questions first, as it will help you warming up. But most importantly, follow the paper solving strategy which you have been accustomed to, during your practice sessions.

Don’t get stuck on a particular problem or make random guesses. It’s perfectly fine, if you are not being able to solve some questions. Under the time constraint, no one scores 360/360.  So, you should move ahead and attempt further questions. And also, don’t feel tempted to retort to random guessing at any point during your exam.

I strongly hope these tips will benefit you and help you score better. It’s all about practicing more, while keeping your motivation levels high. These 3 hours of examination are going to decide your future, so you must maintain your calm and deliver your best.

Good Luck  for your JEE Mains 2018!!

Apurva Ved (B. Tech, IIT Bombay)
Director – Edventure
Email: apurva@edventure.in

Top IIT JEE Coaching Center in Mumbai.

There is always a question in the mind of a student who is an IIT aspirant. Which is the Top IIT JEE Coaching Center in Mumbai.

While there are many established coaching centre’s for engineering entrance preparation, the question actually should be, which is the best IIT JEE coaching class in Mumbai which will train me and mentor in such a way that I can crack JEE mains and advanced exams?

Well as mentioned before there are many institutes which have a good track record but Edventure IIT JEE coaching class is different.

The teaching methodology of Edventure incorporated teaching by the expert IITians only and that too in a small batch of 12 students (as against a batch of 40-60 students) hence offering personalised attention. Not only that the study pattern allows students to clear their doubts and strengthen their concepts before the next lecture.

As the concepts of the student are clear, he/she can tackle any kind of question asked in the JEE mains and advanced examination. Moreover, with experienced IITians as faculty members, the student gets proper guidance from the people who have cracked JEE and got educated from premium IIT’s. Hence the quality of teaching is unmatchable.

For more information on Edventure please visit www.edventure.in

How to prepare for 10th Board Exams? – Board Exam Tips

7 steps to rock your board examinations

“Why should I do well in my Board Examination?” This is the question asked by students to experts and seniors. It is indeed an important question because students get a better angle to their future and understand the significance of Boards. Well, to begin with, a student needs to get better marks in Board Exams because it is the stepping stone to paving the path to success. It is after the board results that students decide which subject they excel at and what should be their next course of action? It is no Rocket Science but simple steps followed religiously to excel in the examination.

It is seen that most of the students stress out during their boards and as soon as they get promoted to class 10th or 12th. Take it easy! That’s the mantra but that will work only when the preparation is done from day 1. Here are the tips that a board examinee should master in order to get the best output. Remember that it is the board result that can be the best motivation to do something better in future. You can’t miss that opportunity.

Steps to follow for Board Examinations

School should be taken seriously: Most of the students make the mistake of bunking schools and going out to have fun with friends as soon as they get promoted to class 12th. That’s a sign that you can get swayed easily. Board examinations can’t be taken so lightly. You have to be regular to school and earn every bit of knowledge that is imparted in the class. You can do this after your board is over. Time is Money which means it is precious. You get the basic education from school. That should be the motto.

Ask Questions: Kill your hesitation and ask your doubts confidently. Keeping yourself back from asking questions to the teachers will be the greatest setback to success. It is your right to know the concept. Raise your hand and ask even the silliest of the questions. You need to learn and with that in mind, you should never shy away from clearing your doubts.

Study the Same Topics at Home: Whatever is being taught in the class every day, study the same topic at home. This way, you will be able to grasp the knowledge faster and retain for a longer duration. Maintain a notebook to scribble whatever you have understood about a topic. Experts say that five times reading is equivalent to one time writing. Try it to believe it be an ardent follower of this trick.

Calculate the number of Chapters: This might sound different but very effective. In your Boards, you usually have five subjects. If we take 20 chapters on an average for each Subject, the total is 100. You have 365 days in a year. Try to do one chapter a day. If that remains the flow, you will be able to accomplish 100 chapters in 100 days. The remaining days can be utilized for revision and solving test papers. This is called smart ways of learning that give the result to your hard work.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers: When you get an idea of the trend through the previous years’ question papers, the moment of truth is an expected one. You will be more confident and sure about how to go about the examination. You will have a fair idea about what is more important. This is only for better preparation. It doesn’t mean you won’t pay attention to the rest. Every topic is important and should be treated equally unless you are weak in a particular subject.

Pay Special Attention to the Weak Point: When you know you are weak in a particular subject or topic, you need to spare extra time for practicing and learning that topic. You will see that gradually you have become better and need not further stretch your study hours.

Join Coaching (Optional): Coaching from a reputed institute that has an experienced team of faculty and immense exposure to the students can be a good option. It is, however, true for the students preparing for boards clearing the examination in flying colors without any coaching or private tuitions. You can be one of them. If you have the urge to prepare for an entrance that is just after the boards and it covers the syllabus of your 11th and 12th, this idea can be worthwhile.

Two-Two-Four Trick: This is a trick that works in your favor for sure provided you follow all other tips mentioned above. Two-Two-Four means Two Hours, Two Hours and Four Hours per day contributed each day of each quarter. So, the first quarter, you do a regular study of two hours per day, the second quarter also you continue with the same and the last quarter should be not less than four hours. Regular study of shorter duration is better than studying days and nights one month before the examination.

That was that about the pattern of study, but your health, head and happiness can’t be compromised with. The three H will be the factors that will go along simultaneously with your daily routine. Eat well for your health, sleep well to let your head rejuvenate for the next day and follow a passion or hobby to keep you happy. Being tunnel vision and not following your hobby to make you feel fresh can bring a monotony which can be dangerous to break the flow of your preparation.

Follow a hobby and try to immerse in it while you are taking a break from study or during holidays. This will be the energy booster you need.

Good luck and do well in your upcoming Board Examinations 2018!

Author Bio:-  Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of www.askiitians.com, an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical and School Entrance exams. It is his passion and vision to help the engineering and medical aspirants that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy.